UL for Linux
User library to access and control supported MCC hardware over the Linux platform
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UL for Linux Documentation


UL for Linux is used to access and control supported Measurement Computing DAQ devices over the Linux platform. The UL for Linux binary name is libuldaq.

Refer to the API File Reference for the data structures and enumerations included in the library.



Refer to the README file on GitHub for information about how to download the UL for Linux package and install the library.

Getting Started

The Modules page provides links to the different categories of libuldaq functionality, and is a good place to start reading about the API documentation.

Error Handling

Most UL for Linux functions return 0 on success, or a numeric value >0 (or non-zero) on failure. The error codes relate to UlError enumerations.

Supported Hardware

Refer to the Hardware supported by UL for Linux software section for a list of all supported Measurement Computing devices with links to supported UL for Linux capabilities.


Measurement Computing Corporation
Technical Support: www.mccdaq.com/support
Knowledgebase: kb.mccdaq.com